Air: The Future of Creative Operations

Air, a platform that streamlines the creative process for marketers and creatives by providing an efficient way to share, organize, and manage visual assets. Air is more than just cloud storage and offers a complete solution for the creative process from ideation to analysis. The platform saves time by automating manual tasks, allowing companies to focus on what truly matters – creativity. With Air, every company is a media company and every employee is a creator.


StudioBoyd Studio
Creative Direction: André Boyd
Art Director: André Boyd

Design: Júlia Alberti, Serge Rodas, Thais Emily, Pevê Azevedo and Igor Pizzuto

Animatic: Ricardo Sasaki
Animation: Hanco Gerber, Gino Lloreda Álvarez and Vinicius Contini
Producer: Felipe Ribeiro
Sound designVox Haus
VoiceoverMinji Chang
Client: Air Inc
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